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How we work

We offer a highly efficient streamlined process to bring your audiobook to production, working with an international network of talent.

Authors come to us with so many questions. Where do I start? How will I find the best narrator? How long will it take? How much will it cost? How do I get my title out there?

That’s where Raconteurs comes in. We assign you a personal¬†project manager who liaises between the author, publisher, narrator, proofing and editing team; maintaining a dialogue at every stage from planning and casting right through to distribution – we take care of the whole process until your title is on sale on the global market.

To break down the aspects of production we’ve developed our 7 Steps of Audiobook Production

From first thoughts to your audiobook being on sale on the international market; we’ll guide you through the entire process.


Assigning a project manager. Working out a production schedule with timescale of production. Getting the post-production team in place. Liaising with distributors in advance. Setting a release date.


Writing a casting breakdown: Accents, ages, gender, ethnicity, and other character aspects to select the best narrator for you. Shortlisting the most suitable narrators to audition.


Narrator begins recording, keeping to the strict production schedule so everything’s kept on-time. Project manager oversees recording and that everything is on-track going into proofing and editing.


The assigned proofer meticulously listens to the recording, cross checking every recorded word with the printed version for accuracy and that character voices are consistent and appropriate.


Narrator re-records any necessary corrections. The editor seamlessly edits the re-records into the original files. Chapter breaks, section breaks and paragraph breaks are edited to a consistent length.


A highly skilled job. The assigned masterer edits the audio to industry-specified levels so the quiets are not too quiet and the loud parts don’t blow your ears off. Uses highly advanced audio techniques.


Bringing your title to sell on the open market through our chosen distribution partners. Different distributors offer different benefits. A complex area to understand and important to make the right decisions for you.

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